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Aqua-Aerobic Systems:

AquaDisk Pile Cloth Media Filtration for Power Plants. Waste water treatment for cooling towers and ash ponds

Bally Modular Buildings:

Modular Buildings/Shelters for Utility, Industrial and Telco Applications

Benning UPS Systems:

Utility & Industrial Grade UPS Systems. Single & Three-Phase up to 5-500KVA. Battery Chargers. Inverters – Single & 3-Phase.

BCI/C.I. Agent (C.I. Agent Oil Solidifier):

Substation Oil Containment Systems for Substations. Hydrocarbon Flow Filters (HFF). Manhole/Vault De-Watering (EVAC Filters). VIPOR

Bridgeport Magnetics:

PowerBack – Temporary Power Restoration Device Auto Transformer restores a missing hot leg (or neutral) in either 120/240V or 120/208V 3-wire services.

Federal Pacific:

Pad Mount Switchgear (Up to 35KV) Automatic Source Transfer Switchgear. Metal Enclosed Switchgear (5KV – 35KV). Dry-Type (Up to 10MVA, 34.5KV). Pad Mount Cap Banks (Up to 3600KVAR)


Thermal Diffusion & Hot-Dipped Galvanized Pole-Line Hardware Silicon Dead-End Insulators.

Messko (div. of Reinhausen):

Transformer Dehydrating Breathers (MTraB). Transformer Oil & Winding Temperature Gauges DGA Analyzer/Monitor (MSense x2.5). Pressure Relief Devices (MPreC). Transformer Temperature MGMT Systems (MTeC)

MindCore Technologies:

Transmission & Substation Group Operated Switches (Up to 800KV/5000A). Distribution Switches (Up to 46KV/2000A) Hook Stick Switches (Up to 161KV/5000A). High Speed Grounding Switches (Up to 245KV/40Ka). Smart Motor Operator (EHTi)

Myers/Controlled Power LLC (WBE Certified):

Low & Medium Voltage Switchgear (Up to 38KV). Outdoor Walk-In Switchgear. DC Switchgear/Traction Power Substations

Pioneer Transformers, Inc.:

Network & Vault Type Transformers (Up to 2500KVA and Up to 46KV). Zig-Zag Transformers (Up to 5MVA, 46KV)


QEI is a leading SCADA and automation equipment supplier with engineering, manufacturing, training, and service personnel.

Reinhausen Manufacturing (MR):

Tap Controls for OLTC. TAPCON 250 LTC Controller TRAFOGUARD. ETOS.

Substation Enterprises:

Substation Packages up to 800KV

WEG Transformers USA Inc. (Washington, MO):

3-Phase Oil-Filled Distribution Transformers: (Up to 10MVA, 46KV). Medium Power Transformers: (Up to 80MVA/ Up to161KV). Large Power Transformers: (Up to 400MVA/ Up to 345KV)

ZTT Cable:

Aluminum Overhead Conductor (AAC, AAAC, ACSR, ACSR.AW, ACAR, AACSR, OPGW Cable (Single/Double/Three Layer)

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